Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Catalog window shopping

Love this dress but it is way too low cut for me.

Also love this one, but $90 is steep for a dress for which I have no occasion to wear.

This says grandma to me, but the watch is cool.

This is absolutely fantastic.

Ugh! A good friend MADE me try this style of top on during one of our shopping excursions. I daresay it is not a flattering look for anyone.

Not sure why, but I think this shoe is fantastic.

I have no words.

And the one they don't have a pic of on their website is of the wrap knit top. It's very unusual. It looks like a halter top with a lot of extra fabric at the waist that you can tie around you in various ways to get different looks.


suburban housefrau said...

Wha? You don't like pockets on your boobies???

Flawed & Disorderly said...

This shirt is for people who like organization. It functions as a file. You label accordingly. Hers are "Barely There 1" and "Barely There 2". Another woman might write "Hog A" and "Hog B" or "The Twins-1" and "The Twins-2". I'd write "Stop Looking" and "At Me."

lynn said...

I like the dresses, but they wouldn't look good on me. I can already see the look of horror in the mirror as I try them on. Ugh.