Monday, May 29, 2006

It's Not a Holiday for the Grammar Police

So B & I went to Cici's Pizza for lunch (do not ask me why because I'll just blame it on hormones). This Cici's is located in a strip mall. There is a hair salon a couple of doors down from the restaurant. The sign claimed that it was "Ken's Salon's." I turned to B and asked, "Ken's Salon's WHAT?"

And then later this afternoon, I was in the grocery store and spotted a man wearing a t-shirt that stated the following, "You'd better buy me another beer because your still ugly." Your still ugly WHAT? Dude, you'd better have another beer because you're still stupid!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why do they do that?

I was on my way to shoot a wedding last night and drove through Burger King for my requisite hamburger to tide me over until I could grab a bite at the reception. The order box addressed me and a woman's voice said, "Welcome to Burger King! May I take your order?" So I placed my order, and then a man's voice confirmed what I had requested. Why do fast food companies feel the need to have a recording greet the person at the order box? Surely it can't be a labor cost issue. How much more trouble is it for a real person, the person actually taking my order, to greet me?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Olfactory nerves

I think one of the most clever marketing schemes of restaurant companies is to enable potential customers to smell their food from miles away. Subway fans their freshly baked bread scent outside the store. You can smell an Auntie Anne's Pretzels or a Cinnabon location from across the mall. And steak places have that great grilled smell emanating from the kitchen into the parking lot, making your mouth water before you ever set foot into the restaurant.

So you can imagine my horror when I pulled up to the drive-thru speaker at Taco Bell and got a whiff of the COW MANURE FERTILIZER that had just been placed on the plants below the order box. The smell was so strong it made me gag and I thought I was going to lose my afternoon snack right there. Ooof. I know Taco Bell isn't known for its great-smelling food, but cow manure is carrying it a touch too far.

The good news is that my burrito didn't taste anything like the fertilizer.

Monday, May 15, 2006

New Management

Just thought everyone should know that the sushi located at the United grocery store in Abilene, Texas on Buffalo Gap Road is under new management.

Picture to follow this evening, hopefully. Sadly, Sprint PCS picture mail is currently down for routine maintenance (shouldn't that be done at some early morning hour when most of their users are sleeping?!). I am supposed to try again later.

Useless instructions

My Tangerine Sours Altoids tin has the following sentence on it, "Replace lid between use."

Monday, May 01, 2006

Instructions for Morons

I was cleaning out the crisper drawer in our refrigerator. This drawer is the width of the inside of the fridge and maybe 6" shy of the depth of the fridge. Printed on the bottom of the drawer was the following, "Hand wash with warm water and mild soap only. Do not put in dishwasher." Um, ok, well, the drawer wouldn't FIT into most dishwashers!