Monday, December 04, 2006

Lost in Transit...

'Tis the season for online shopping, fa la la la la.....
When you're 8 months pregnant, the idea of dealing with hordes of people at the mall, or just walking through the mall is enough to make you crazy. So this year I've resorted to a lot of gift cards and online shopping.

Today, I received one of the many things I've ordered. Inside the box that contained the goods I ordered was a catalog, and inside the catalog was a slip of paper that held this customer service information.

"UPS Claims and Lost Packages:

If your package is lost in transit, please call us and we will track your package for you. If the package cannot be found, we can file a claim for the cost of the contents and send you a replacement."

I'm pretty sure that if my package were to be lost in transit, that helpful little slip of paper would have been lost right along with it.

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