Sunday, November 25, 2007

Little Pitchers have Big Ears

Brad and I were putting up the Christmas tree this afternoon. Nyssa was hanging out on my back while we fluffed the branches. I don't recall what happened, but something caused me to say, "Crap." Not two seconds later, a little voice from behind me said, "Bap." I paused for a minute, then looked wryly at Brad and asked him, "Did she just imitate me saying ,'Crap?!'"

Guess it's time to start REALLY watching what I say! I'm pretty mindful of my language anyway, but I don't want our 11-month-old (as of tomorrow) running around saying, "Crap! Crap!" That word does NOT need to be in her vocabulary list!


Erin said...

Ha! That's great! It's amazing what they pick up! I have to pinch Gary when he's driving and calls another driver an idiot... not good words for little ones to repeat!

Mom said...

Funny, Funny! Yep you gotta watch what you say and what you do when you're a parent. Maybe you could just start saying "Bap!" Then no one would know you really meant crap.