Monday, May 29, 2006

It's Not a Holiday for the Grammar Police

So B & I went to Cici's Pizza for lunch (do not ask me why because I'll just blame it on hormones). This Cici's is located in a strip mall. There is a hair salon a couple of doors down from the restaurant. The sign claimed that it was "Ken's Salon's." I turned to B and asked, "Ken's Salon's WHAT?"

And then later this afternoon, I was in the grocery store and spotted a man wearing a t-shirt that stated the following, "You'd better buy me another beer because your still ugly." Your still ugly WHAT? Dude, you'd better have another beer because you're still stupid!!!


suburban housefrau said...

What about "No trucks or SUV's" on the sign in our work parking garage.


stupid people.

suburban housefrau said...

oh, I forgot to say - we were looking at cars today and we asked the Navigation System "show nearest Italian restaurant" and up popped Cici's pizza. Then we clicked on it and it showed how to get there. ;)

I think this could be very handy for cravings. I think we might need to get that trade-in SOON.

headless chicken said...

The misuse of apostrophes has been a long time grievance of mine. And the t-shirts that people wear these days are SO IRRITATING. I am a speed reader, so every immature mall goer might as well be SHOUTING their prefab, psuedo-clever statements at me. The only one I've ever really liked is "silence is golden...duct tape is silver." But I could never wear that, because someone would call Child Protective Services.

Flawed & Disorderly said...

Grammar issue's bother, me, too, but not 'so much if I make them. That's not true. It really bugs me to read over something I typed quickly and find a stupid error because I know I'll end up being made fun of on somebody else's blog.
Just kidding. At least my errors aren't displayed on shirts and signs.

Commas are my main source of grammar irritation. The rules vary by teacher and book. I became very lax on commas when I was teaching. If famous authors and their editors can make up their own rules, I figure I can, too. See? I might have just invented a new place to put commas. I think I've been accused of overusing commas. And don't even get me started on hyphens. I can't remember when to use them, so I usually don't.

I never thought I'd need to know grammar rules. Oops. I don't even remember who could have possibly been my grammar teacher. I was probably too busy staring at a cute boy or avoiding the stare of a scary boy. Actually, I was probably writing notes to Adrienne.