Sunday, June 10, 2007

World Market Getaway

These pictures are probably a month or so old. I have been busy with the other blogs and have really neglected this one! Oh, well. Enjoy the humorous pics.

Is it a weenie dog? Is it a devil dog? Is it a bull?

MmMM, play-doh cookies.

Did you know mini pigs were perfect for parties?

I saw this and almost bought it for Nyssa. However...

I couldn't identify the blue animal that apparently starts with a Y. Perhaps it is a Dr. Seuss animal. I suppose it could be a yak? But all the other animals in the book were their proper color. Except for the animal that starts with an X...I have no idea what that is, either!

I have never understood these things.

Awww, sad wilted flower!

Everyone needs a giraffe mug!!!

Mmm, sausages. These just look gross.

This just made le laugh. I wonder if the marketing person at Heinz got fired for this. I mean, would YOU buy something with such an attractive name and packaging? What exactly IS spotted dick, or does that fall into the realm of questions you don't want answered?

They couldn't stop at gummy bears. Or gummy worms. NOOOO, they had to go and make gummy CENTIPEDES. Somehow I don't think these things really have a hundred legs.


Erin said...

I can just see you snapping away with your camera phone. Or did you haul out the big guns there?

Either way, you don't see people take many pictures inside stores. We need to change that. I guess you are!

suburban housefrau said...

you've never had spotted dick?!?!?

Dan said...

hehe bless americans and their fear/amusement at spotted dick: