Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mommy Musings

I used to hate having to go to Target. Now, with a 2-month old (as of Monday the 26th), a 30-minute trip to Target alone while the baby stays home with Daddy has become a great respite. Granted, my trip was to buy diapers, but still!

I was very amused last night as I wandered the Easter aisles. The first item that caught my eye was a basketball-sized and shaped fluffy sheep. It cracked me up because it was so ridiculous looking.

As I continued my wandering, I noticed something green and fuzzy. Upon closer examination, I discovered a Frabbit. It was a stuffed frog onto which a pair of white bunny ears had been sewn. I can just picture the board meeting among top executives of Fluffy Frog, Inc. sitting around lamenting that they had produced too many frogs and were losing money on merchandise that wasn't moving. The VP of Marketing pipes up and says, "Let's sew bunny ears on them and market them as Frabbit, the Easter Frog." Voila - the result was the toy I saw sitting on the aisle last night.

Have you ever noticed the sign posted on the exit door of Target that reads, "Please have a safe trip home." ??? I have been to Target a thousand times and never noticed this sign before. I wondered if it was there to make me feel all warm and fuzzy, like the folks at Target REALLY care that I have a safe trip home. I have to say that the nice sign is not the reason I will return to shop there.


Kim's Life said...

Ok Never seen Frabit. Just the though made me laugh.

MustangChick74 said...

Maybe the sign should read, "Please have a safe trip out of our parking lot, then you can't sue us for anything that went wrong."

Or something to that respect.

Flawed & Disorderly said...

Isn't it amazing how crap errands become your saving grace when you just need a few minutes to decompress???