Friday, January 26, 2007

More instructions for dummies...

I really do have a hard time believing people are truly so stupid. I know it's the litigious society we live in, but still.

Two things quickly before Pineki wakes up and demands her afternoon lunch.

1) The toy bar in her bouncy seat says, "WARNING! Do not lift seat by toy bar." That's pretty dumb, given the fact that the toy bar doesn't even latch into the seat - it just rests inside two holes and comes off at the slightest pressure. It's impossible to lift the seat by the toy bar! Now if the instructions had said, "Do not attempt to lift seat by toy bar," that would make more sense.

2) The instructions on my thin plastic bottle liners say, "Do not use sharp objects to squeeze air out of disposable liners." C'mon, I'm sleep deprived, not stupid!

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