Friday, February 13, 2015

Just Call Me Moses

I suppose it's time to breathe some life back into this old blog. The Lord has been calling me to write, and I have been resisting. Which is crazy, because when I felt Him calling us to adoption, I was much more willing to walk in obedience in THAT, than THIS. I can give you a million excuses as to why I don't want to write, can't write, am afraid to write, but it's time to get out of the way and walk in obedience in this seemingly small thing.

I was talking with my sweet friend (who shall remain nameless, I've dubbed her, "Snake") tonight, and told her about this calling and how I am saying no and refusing to obey, even though I know better. I KNOW BETTER! She said she was going to start calling me Moses, and that's the inspiration for the post title. She reiterated something Jennie Allen said this past weekend at the 2015 IF:Gathering - What if God shows us at the end of our lives what we missed out on by NOT walking in obedience to Him and doing the good works He created in advance for us to do? Ugh - I really do hate the thought of that. So here we go!

I love to write. I've had articles published in print magazines (crafting and scrapbooking magazines, 15 years ago, but whatever). I've written countless blogs, both just for myself and my own entertainment (look back through some of the OLD posts on here), and for others - The Hybrid Chick, and many digital scrapbook designers. So seriously, why I've refused to start writing again really makes no sense.

Other evidences that I'm supposed to be writing (even though - here's one excuse - I have no idea what to say, so I'll wax eloquent about nothings) - a podcast by Jami Ivey, a blog post by Jen Hatmaker, my conversation tonight with Snake (y'all don't know just how much this cracks me up - I know it's an inside joke and only one other person will be laughing as hard at it as I am. Bear with me. I'm new at this.), and then when I got in the car to come home, Carrie Gaul was sharing her story on Revive Our Hearts at that very moment about obedience to God with a specific calling. And I KNEW it was a word from Him, because I heard the words "rogue ducks" (as opposed to having your ducks in a row). My husband and I have thrown that "rogue ducks" phrase around pretty much our entire almost-12-year relationship (we met in March of 2003). It's not something I've ever heard anyone else say. I laughed out loud at the sweet way the Father knows me and loves me and lets me know He's communicating with me. And so I said, "Ok, ok, ok! I will go home and write!"

And so here I am. Taking that first step of obedience. Wanting nothing more than to ctrl+a and then hit delete, close the browser window, and walk away. But I'll hit the publish button and put my thoughts out there.

In the coming days (Lord, help me be faithful to this calling to write!), I will write about our adoption process - how we got started, where we are currently, and many of the ways the Lord has affirmed that this is also His calling for us. As my sweet friend said tonight, this adoption story will be part of our next child's story and what a treasure and gift it will be for us to have! And if I DON'T write, memory doesn't seem to be getting any better. How sad to miss out on the memories this precious time of waiting because I refused to walk in obedience over something so simple.

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